Ruble conversion


The following document provides a general overview of the In-Game Purchase technical flow and example of UI part for game currency purchase.

Technical side of this functionality are described on “Payment system integration with games. API.” document.

In-Game Purchase Flow

Game currency purchase are doing in 3 steps:

  1. User open payments window
  2. User select package (game currency amount and price (in Rubles))
  3. User confirm purchase


All packages are configured from game side.


We recommend perform Info request to the game site, what are described in “Payment system integration with games. API.” document 1 Step. After this request game can perform packages filtration and show packages what user can buy (have enough Rubles on balance).


Example of payments UI

In game interface should be button, what will call payments window. Example of this button are shown in Pict. 1

Pict. 1 Button in game UI

In this example, after clicking on button with gold, will be opened payments window.

Example of payments window

Step 1

In this step user must select package what contain some game currency amount.

Example of this window are shown on Pict 2.

Pict. 2 Example of package selection

Step 2

In this step user must confirm game currency purchase.

Example are shown on Pict. 3

Pict. 3. Purchase confirmation