Server Address is passed to the Web applications in "api_server" parameter.
method can't be passed as an attachment in photo upload methods, but must be passed as query parameter only.
While it is recommended to use "api_server" parameter, you can use the default address for non session requests : https://api.rbkgames.com/.

Common request parameters

application_keyYIntegerThe application identifier associated with the calling application. If you specify the API ID in your client, you don't need to pass it with every call.
sigYStringAn MD5 hash of the current request and your secret key, as described in the Authentication and Authorization section.
formatNStringFormat of method response, can be JSON ot XML. If not specified, JSON is used.
session_key-StringThe session key of the logged in user. Session key can be required, optional or prohibited depending on method.

Response format

Response can be obtained in one of the two following formats: XML or JSON, as was mentioned above. If not specified, JSON is used.

There is a certain subtlety that one should keep in mind when calling methods that return lists of data. If the list returned by the method is empty then:

  • XML response format: the tag will not contain any elements within itself.
  • JSON response format: will return null.

Error handling

If server fails to handle request, HTTP header invocation-error contains error code. In addition response contains details in XML or JSON format.

Error codes
UNKNOWN1Unknown error
SERVICE2Service temporary unavailable
METHOD3Method does not exist.
REQUEST4Failed to process request due to invalid request
ACTION_BLOCKED7The requested action is temporarily blocked for current user
FLOOD_BLOCKED8The execution of method is blocked due to flood
IP_BLOCKED9The execution of method is blocked by IP address due to suspicious activity of current user or due to other restrictions applied to given method
PERMISSION_DENIED10Permission denied. Possible reason - user not authorized application to perform operation
LIMIT_REACHED11Method invocation limit reached
NOT_MULTIPART21Not a multi-part request when uploading photo
PARAM100Missing or invalid parameter
PARAM_API_ID101Parameter application_id not specified or invalid
PARAM_SESSION_EXPIRED102Session key is expired
PARAM_SESSION_KEY103Invalid session key
PARAM_SIGNATURE104Invalid signature
PARAM_RESIGNATURE105Invalid re-signature
PARAM_USER_ID110Invalid user ID
PARAM_ALBUM_ID120Invalid album ID
PARAM_WIDGET130Invalid Widget ID
PARAM_MESSAGE_ID140Invalid message ID
PARAM_PERMISSION200Application can not perform operation. In most cases, caused by access to operation without user authorization
PARAM_APPLICATION_DISABLED210Application is disabled
NOT_FOUND300Requested information is not found
EDIT_PHOTO_FILE324Error processing multi-part request
AUTH_LOGIN401Authentication failure. Invalid login/password or authentication token or user is deleted/blocked.
SESSION_REQUIRED453Session key was not specified for the method, which requires session
CENSOR_MATCH454Text rejected by censor
FRIEND_RESTRICTION455Cannot perform operation because friend set restriction on it (put to "black list" or made his/her account private)
PHOTO_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED500The size in bytes of image binary content exceeds the limits
PHOTO_SIZE_TOO_SMALL501The image size in pixels are too small
PHOTO_SIZE_TOO_BIG502The image size in pixels are too big
PHOTO_INVALID_FORMAT503The image format cannot be recognized
PHOTO_IMAGE_CORRUPTED504The image format is recognized, but the content is corrupted
PHOTO_NO_IMAGE505No image is found in request
NO_SUCH_APP900Returned, when try to get public application information for not existing application
SYSTEM9999Critical system error. Please report these problems support
CALLBACK_INVALID_PAYMENT1001Error returned by the application server to notify about invalid transaction details
PAYMENT_IS_REQUIRED_PAYMENT1002Payment is required to use service
INVALID_PAYMENT1003Invalid payment transaction

Error code and message returned as XML or JSON, depending on format. In addition, HTTP header invocation-error contains error code.



<?xml version="1.0"encoding="UTF-8"standalone="yes"?>
<ns2:error_response xmlns:ns2="https://api.rbkgames.com/">
    <error_msg>PARAM_API_KEY : No application ID</error_msg>


{"error_code":100,"error_msg":"PARAM : Either session_key or uid must be specified"}


Application can specify the support URL to report issues directly from the application information page.
User will be redirected to this URL with the following parameters:

application_idStringThe application ID
uidStringID of user, reporting the problem
nicknameStringNickname of user, reporting the problem
nameStringFull name of user, reporting the problem
first_nameStringFirst name of user, reporting the problem
last_nameStringLast name of user, reporting the problem

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