Application parameters

The parameters listed bellow are passed to the application:

  • As request parameters for HTML applications
logged_user_idYVarchar(16)ID of the authorized user, which is permanent and will not change for the application.Y
api_serverYStringAPI server base URL, for example https://api.rbkgames.com/Y
application_idYStringApplication public identifierY
session_keyYStringID of the user sessionY
langYStringLanguage code used by the user 
countryYStringPlayer country (see https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/codes/iso3166/ )Y
auth_sigYStringAn MD5 hash of the logged_user_id+session_key+application_secret_key. It can be used for simplified verification of the logged in userY
sigYStringAn MD5 hash of the current request and your secret key, as described in the Authentication and Authorization (Calculating signature) section. Important : all request parameters are used to calculate signatureY